Children’s Mental Health | Schools | Frederika Roberts on BBC Sheffield

Childrens Mental Health | Paul Walker in for Toby Foster | BBC Sheffield

Frederika Roberts (RWS co-founder) talks to Paul Walker (in for Toby Foster) about children’s mental health on BBC Sheffield.  They discuss the ‘RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success’ programme, the need for more funding for mental health provision in schools, and whether schools should teach children about mental health. You can take the short survey here, […]

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Unhappy Teachers | Clive Bull | LBC

unhappy teachers | Clive Bull | LBC

Clive Bull interviews Frederika Roberts on his LBC show and they discuss teacher depression – its causes and how Frederika works with teachers in schools to help them look after their mental health and wellbeing.   SHARE

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Unhappy pupils | LBC interview | Stig Abell

Unhappy pupils | Stig Abell | LBC

Stig Abell interviews Frederika Roberts on his LBC radio show. They discuss the OECD figure that 1 in 6 15-year-olds are unhappy in the UK, and why that is. Frederika is a happiness and resilience specialist who works in schools, especially as co-founder of the ‘RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success’ programme. She is also a […]

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