TRT World | Roundtable | World Happiness Report 2018


Panel debate about the World Happiness Report 2018 and happiness as a policy issue, on TRT World’s Roundtable programme, presented by David Foster.   Other guests were Prof. Eugenio Proto (Professor of Economics, University of Bristol), Prof. Paul Frijters (Programme Co-Director, Wellbeing, LSE Centre for Economic Performance) and Dr Edward Skidelski (Philosopher & Lecturer, University of […]

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Children’s Mental Health | Schools | Frederika Roberts on BBC Sheffield

Childrens Mental Health | Paul Walker in for Toby Foster | BBC Sheffield

Frederika Roberts (RWS co-founder) talks to Paul Walker (in for Toby Foster) about children’s mental health on BBC Sheffield.  They discuss the ‘RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success’ programme, the need for more funding for mental health provision in schools, and whether schools should teach children about mental health. You can take the short survey here, […]

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