Why Procter & Gamble get it so right | Thank you Mom

The new Procter & Gamble “Thank You Mom” advert is incredibly powerful

Ignoring the US English spelling (Mom) and the fact that dads are left out of the equation, P&G’s ‘Thank you Mom’ campaign adverts are incredibly powerful.

They get shared via social media the world over because they tap into our emotions.

This latest one gave me goosebumps and I had tears in my eyes as I watched it!  Perhaps I’m too soppy, but the amount of social media shares it got speaks for itself.

Why did this ‘Thank you Mom’ advert prompt me to write a happiness blog post?

This advert speaks of success and the hard work that goes into it.  It also shows how much resilience is required to keep getting up after taking knock after knock after knock.

It also shows that, as we all fall as we learn to walk and talk and grow from helpless babies into fully-fledged adults, we all have it in us to be resilient and to achieve our goals, if we’re prepared to keep falling and keep getting back up.

This advert also demonstrates the power of having a support system of people who believe in us and push us and comfort us but don’t let us give up.

That’s why I believe the ‘Thank you Mom’ adverts are so powerful and deserve to be talked and written about.

If you want me to help your teams or your pupils to build the necessary resilience to achieve success, get in touch with me

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