Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 12

2 weeks after heart surgery…

…homeward bound

7.20 am
Hannah seems well.
She woke me up around 1am to let me know she was taking more Paracetamol and for an hour or two she was quite restless. ..tossing & turning, breathing quite hard & fast (had me a little worried!), moaning a bit in her half-sleep, swapped beds with me in case mine was more comfortable, complaining it was too cold (so I turned up the air conditioning from 22°C to 24°C…am boiling now!) getting up to go to the loo..

I gave her some Ibuprofen at 2 am as she’d not had any since 10.45am yesterday. She eventually settled and woke 20 mins ago. I managed to get a quick morning cuddle out of her before she declared that the beds were really uncomfortable (I assured her they’re pure luxury compared to the fold-up ones on the ward!) and she settled herself in front of the laptop, on Facebook.
She seems fine so, hopefully, we’ll be going home today!

Hannah’s just gone for a shower. It appears her surgery wound/ scar is oozing a bit towards the bottom. No bad smell, thank goodness, but will ask them to have a good look when we get back to the ward.

Lovely moment earlier:
I was curled up in bed, putting off getting up. Hannah walked over and gave me a kiss, then walked away again. The kind of thing a mum might do. Loving, affectionate, simple.
I said “awwww that’s lovely. What was that for?”

And she said “Nothing. It’s what people do when they love each other”
Heart melting moment 🙂

Evening wrap-up
Great day…we’re home!

A surgeon took a look at the wound. The oozing is not due to infection or anything being wrong. It’s where the bra rubs, despite us always trying to cushion it with gauze. We’ve been given cushioned plasters to put on.

Then a cardiology registrar came to examine Hannah and declared her fit to go home.
The nurses had been super-efficient…usually it takes hours to get the go-home medication from the pharmacy to the ward and we’ve often been discharged at morning ward rounds and not been able to leave until 4 or 5pm. Today, they had everything ready for us when we got to the ward, but then there was the wait for the doctor.

At 2pm we left, having already packed the car. So much stuff!

Hannah pointed out that we left exactly 2 weeks after we’d arrived, as we’d ‘checked in’ to Ward 12 at 2pm on Sunday 10th August


We got home at 4pm via Sainsbury’s for a few essentials.

I gave Charlie a big hug and…..SHOCK HORROR!!!…she admitted she missed me/us!

She immediately clarified it’s a one-time statement!

Within 10 minutes, the girls were bickering again. Sometimes, such as today, that is the sweetest sight/sound! 🙂

We had a lazy day catching up on TV, the neighbouring kids all came to say hello and were all excited at Hannah being back.

Comedy moments:
Seeing the girls in the kitchen, tops lifted, comparing scars. Surreal yet very normal in our house!

As I kissed Hannah goodnight a few minutes ago, we giggled again about the fact that I’d been asked whether we wanted to keep the pacing wires when they’d taken them out. What on earth for?!
Then Hannah said “Maybe some parents want them in case they have to shock their child…hook the wires up to the toaster. ..”

We’re one very HAPPY family today! 🙂


Just went in to check on Hannah before going to bed. “Get out of my room! You made me jump!” She’s definitely on the mend! She did add “Love you” though 🙂

Went to check on Charlie. Found her snuggled into her double bed (first time in over a month as she’d not been back here since we left for our holiday on 18th July!), surrounded by pillows and almost invisible under her duvet. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat with the delight of all that coziness. ..then said “Fudge Off! I’m trying to sleep!”

Normal life is restored :))))

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