Client Testimonials

I was looking forward to having Frederika as a guest on my 'chat show' for my school's online assembly and she didn't disappoint...

To engage kids, to get our personal development messages over, to support and inspire them while they're learning from home, I needed a speaker who would be warm, positive, pro-active, humorous and above all - joyous. But I also needed an expert - someone with a proven track record, the right credentials and academic rigour (after all, we are a school). Frederika delivered all that and more. She delivered a message that worked on many levels - the audience wasn't just students aged 11 to 18 but also all their parents and all our teachers. Frederika hit all the right notes to connect with everyone.

Ayd Instone, Head of Physics, Enrichment and Extra-Curricular, Fyling Hall School
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