Hannah’s Surgery 2014

The day of the surgery…

Birmingham Children's Hospital Logo

…it feels like time stands still! Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… 7am Here we go again…Hannah’s had a good night’s sleep (though woke up before the nurse came to wake her at 6 for a last drink of water). I managed to sleep through most of the crying babies and beeping monitors (or go back to sleep […]

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Hannah’s open heart surgery | It’s today!

Open Heart Surgery | Selfie on the Ward

Or is it?? Clouds and silver linings… Hannah woke up just before the alarm, at 5.30am, for breakfast (she was allowed food until 6) then went straight back to sleep. She then woke up again; I said “get some more sleep”. She said “I tried”. I said “try harder”, climbed into bed with her for […]

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Hannah’s Heart Surgery | The day before

Hannah on the Ward the day before her surgery

Today was the day before S-day… The day before Hannah’s surgery…and it’s been a great day! 5.45am, Alarm goes off For just a split second as the alarm went off, I thought it was just a normal morning and just felt mildly irritated that it was time to get up already (the alarm had interrupted […]

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Preparing for hospital | A great day

Preparing for Hospital | Hannah Slippers

Preparing for hospital – It doesn’t have to be horrible and traumatic for you or your child The week between coming back from holiday and going into hospital tomorrow has been a busy one.  I had lots of work to do and so did Simon, but I also made sure that I made some time […]

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Hannah’s open heart surgery 2014 | The journey begins

Hannah and Charlie at their Auntie Lodo's Wedding in Anzio, July 2014

My baby is having open heart surgery And it doesn’t get any easier… For those of you that know me and my family, you may be familiar with our background and Hannah’s and Charlie’s amazing stories.  If not, you can read a bit more about it all here. Basically, Hannah was born with Pulmonary Atresia […]

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