Hannah’s Surgery 2014

Hannah post-surgery follow-up | 3 months after heart surgery

Heart Surgery | BCH Cardiac Outpatients | Stop Stressing Start Living | Happiness - cropped

Hannah’s heart surgery was 3 months and 1 day ago, on 12th August Today was a very good follow-up appointment! Hannah’s doing really well. The right ventricle of her heart, which had become enlarged due to the excessive back pressure from the too-tight duct and left and right pulmonary arteries coming off it, is now […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 26

Hannah back to school after heart surgery Sept 2014

Returning to normality 26 days after heart surgery I am so grateful today; life has returned to almost normal. Hannah went back to school today and she had a good day.  I wondered whether I’d get a call from school to pick her up at lunchtime, but she managed and she was still smiling when […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 18

Heart surgery | Day 18 | Going home

Going home… …with a touch of pneumonia! As I’m writing this, it’s 10pm and we’ve been back home for a few hours.  Home!! Hannah had a good night last night.  She woke up in the early hours, shivering but without a fever.  She went back to sleep until about 8.30am, on and off.  I, on […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 17

heart surgery | Day 17 | Giggles

Cautiously optimistic again After we’d watched ‘Scandal’ last night, Charlie and I chatted lots more, watched a bit more TV and did lots of giggling.  It felt like a schoolgirl sleepover!  Even after we’d turned off the lights and I couldn’t keep my eyes open, we were still chatting for ages. We both had a […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery l Day 16 | Seroma?

heart surgery | is the lump a seroma? | Day 16

Seroma or infection?… …That is the question! A bright and sunny start to the day after a restless night Hannah (and I) had a rough night.  Hannah herself has come to the conclusion/realisation that she always seems to have a rough night when I’m with her instead of Simon!  She was fine until about midnight/1am, […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 15

heart surgery recovery | virus | isolation

A healthy dose of cautious optimism… …and moving lumps of fluid! Morning Hannah and Simon had a reasonably good night last night.  According to Hannah, Simon snores less than I do…hahaha…yeah right!! Hannah still has diarrhoea and stomach cramps and no appetite, but is at least constantly sipping boiled water.  She’s bright and cheerful and […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 15

Heart surgery | post-surgery complications | Finally got cannula in for bloods

Day 15 after heart surgery… …and still a few challenges to overcome A restless night Hannah and I had quite an uncomfortable, restless night.  From about 1am onwards, Hannah was tossing and turning, struggling to sleep and complaining of stomach cramps.  Earlier in the night, she’d felt quite hot to the touch and was complaining […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 14 | Here we go again…

Birmingham Children's Hospital Logo

Two steps forward, one step back… Back in Birmingham Hannah woke up with a massive lump at the top of her sternotomy wound, similar to when she’d had surgical emphysema, which had appeared to have gone. She doesn’t have the crackles (crepitations) that usually go with surgical emphysema this time though. I measured (8cm long […]

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Hannah’s recovery from heart surgery | Day 12

2 weeks after heart surgery… …homeward bound 7.20 am Hannah seems well. She woke me up around 1am to let me know she was taking more Paracetamol and for an hour or two she was quite restless. ..tossing & turning, breathing quite hard & fast (had me a little worried!), moaning a bit in her […]

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Hannah’s Recovery from heart surgery | Day 11

Recovery from heart surgery | Day 11 | Chinese restaurant

11th day after Hannah’s heart surgery… …and mine & Simon’s 18th Wedding Anniversary 8am About to head across to the hospital so Simon can come over and get showered & changed. Hope Hannah had a good night! But, before the day truly begins, I want to say how lucky I am. In 1991 I made […]

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